Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holidays in a place called HOME

Yes, it's right, husband & I spent Christmas and welcomed 2006 in Oras.
It was an spur of the moment decision to go home. After all, we thought, our respective families are there, so to purchase our tickets right away was the main concern. Unfortunetaly, we were not able to avail of any airline promo (argggh!)
It being a peak season, we also had no choice but to go for the Dec. 21 Cebu Pacific extra flight. In my last blog for October 2005, I promised not to ride CP anymore (ha ha!). With this new CP experience, I might wish (again) not to patronize it.
Dec. 21 - Bad things had it coming that day. The taxi driver wanted a fixed rate. OK, a fixed rate is fine, but not when it's way, way too much the just fare. Like from our place to the airport, a taxi fare will just be around P70; ergo, the P150 the driver demands will drive you nuts, right? As expected, husband was pissed. The driver might have sensed that he was not in for a joke when husband suggested that we go straight to the police precinct, forcing him to use his meter which yielded P63.00 when we reached the domestic airport. Uhm, see!Nevertheless, I told husband to give P100.
As expected, there were too many passengers in the check-in counters. 2 lines were alloted for Tacloban until we heard a CP employee shout that another counter has just opened. When we were finally settled at the departure area which seemed like a market, came the announcement that we will be 1 hour delayed. Ha ha! 99% on time, huh! But the 1 hour delay turned out to be 2!
The ride was rather smooth. Since we were seated in the 1st row, hubby & I could see the goings-on of crew. 1 of the 2 female stewardess turned out to be a trainee, and she was to assigned to close the door!
Considering my proximity to the door, I noticed that the smaller lever was still up. In seconds, the phone rang and the trainee lowered the lever. I heard the senior say " nagalit si captain?". See, I knew that the door was not totally closed after all!
To complete the day, 2 of our 4 baggages were not in the same flight as we were. I was dismayed, rather, utterly dismayed 'coz no one among the CP people at the Tacloban airport seemed to care. It was only after I demanded, no, yelled that I be referred to the manager did I realize that I was in for a lousy costumer service. The male manager did not offer an apology at first even if it was obvious that my baggages were nowhere in sight. He reasoned, it was not their fault, but of the CP people in Manila! How pathetic! Instead, he asked for my address in Tacloban and offered to deliver the 'lost' baggages the next day. But I cried "NO!". I demanded that it be sent that day, wherever it could have gone since 1 of the baggages carry wedding paraphernalias scheduled that very day (truth is: it has Baby Bea's formal dress for her aunt's wedding going on that hour and my friend Liza's mother's gown for a Dec. 29 wedding). I think it was only after I implied to the manager the urgent need of the 'lost' baggages did he make radio calls in front of my face to confirm its location. And yes, it was only then that he offered me a seat!
It turned out that my 'lost' baggages were carried by the flight next to ours. So that's another hour wait. The result? Baby Bea was not able to make it to the church for her aunt's wedding. At the reception in Hotel Alejandro, I whiled the evening on yummy food to forget the mess. Can I shout haaaay!?
Dec. 22 - Husband & I left Tacloban for Oras at exactly 2:35pm on Mano Alex's pajero (bless this man. We took the Lawaan route 'coz the shorter way was not passable due to heavy rains and landslide. So instead of 3.5 hours, it took us 6 hours to reach home.
After we settled our baggages in my in-laws place in Tiguib, hubby & I paid a visit to our Paypayon home. Tatay was ready for a welcome party that lasted 'til 12 midnight.
Dec. 23 - I had the whole day to help Baby wrap the presents in Paypayon that need to be settled in the Christmas tree.
Dec. 24 - In between preparation for the Christmas dinner, Baby, Anjo and I had a hearty laugh as we took photos of ourselves at every corner in Paypayon.
Later that night, during early dinner in Tiguib, "Santa" came to deliver presents for the kids, to the delight of everyone. Husband & I went to Paypayon at past 12 midnight. There, he continued drinking w/ Auntie Lina and some 'compound relatives'.
Dec 25 - We woke up to a festive mood. Husband & I accompanied Baby Bea to do "house to house". On our way, we were able to deliver gifts to our inaanaks Laieniel, Gabby & Kuliglig.
While I was in Paypayon, Tony & Liza dropped by to tell me that they just went to Tiguib to deliver their gift to us (clap clap clap). At 3pm, we attended mass w/ Mano Alex & Mana Adette. It was while we were queueing for the communion when Rivah said we were in identical colors. It dawned to me that yes, Mano Alex & Mana Adette were in red, while husband & I were in pink! After church, my sisters-in-law & I whiled our time in Tiguib. I was also able to open Tony & Liza's gift - - - a black authentic Guess wallet *yipee* & a blue izod shirt for husband.
In the evening, husband & I went to Paypayon to wish Auntie Lina a happy trip since she was leaving the next day for Manila to take a chance flight to Vancouver. I guess, she really needed all the luck.
Dec. 26 - In the morning, the Villalons convened at Auntie Delia's house. Yah, she played Santa, that even husband & I were not spared to receive P100 + an imported corned beef *wink* .
At noon, husband & I were invited by Tony & Liza to visit their resthouse. As I was in a short
denim skirt, Liza gave me a Marks & Spencer denim pants *applause applause*. Aaaah, we had a great time eating and enjoying nature, aside from the 'competitive magic singing' that kept us busy.
Dec. 27 - While I was in Paypayon to see Auntie Dayday who visited us all the way from Guiuan, husband drove Mana Adette and friends to the town's jail to visit an incarcerated classmate. Misa wanted me to see the jail so he fetched me. And go I did to the jail!
After our jail visit, husband opted to have his nails cleaned! Yah, instant manicure and pedicure. See, husband has gone vain, really vain.
Dec. 28 - I also had my nails cleaned while doing nothing in Tiguib (me too!).
Dec. 29 - After lunch w/ Anon, we proceeded to Paypayon & found Anjo 'home alone' since Baby & Jerome attended a wedding. Tatay & Nanay were in Tacloban (Tatay was ninong at Homer's wedding). Husband & I had a much-needed siesta in Paypayon. It was a treat - - - worry-free nap to the max!
Dec. 30 - Baby Meeko, Tony & Liza's 3-mos old 'american' son was baptized w/ a party that followed at Kirum-Kirum. Heavy rains didn't dampen the event.
In the evening, the Villalon boys convened in Tiguib over 2 watercans of tuba! Beat that! The 'survivors': husband, Anon, Jose & Edsel decided to 'bar-hop' in Mucho Beer Garden. Since I was in my pajamas, husband excused himself from entering the bar and promised to come back. Of course, he didn't return *bwahaha*.
We were told the next day that Anon played Santa in Mucho (he shouldered everything that was consumed that night, include those not among his company - - - in hindsight, i should have pocketed all of anon's money!)
Dec. 31 - After the Tiguib household said goodbye to Baby Bea (back to Tacloban for the New Year), Nanay Luz, husband & I visited Tatay's Bett's musoleum. From the musoleum, husband & I ran to Paypayon to have brunch. As the house was getting ready for the New Year dinner & Baby's b-day, husband & I opted to clean the garden. It felt like we were in Extra Challenge . Whew!
The 'compound' people, Jerome's family & Villalons from Tiguib were all in Paypayon for dinner. Benly & Liezl w/ kids came too. It was our first time to see thier son Wamig, husband's godson. Naughty but cutie Shannen & Sky came w/ their papa & mama.
Jan. 1 - After I packed our things so I won't cram when it's bye-bye time, we had breakfast in Paypayon underneath the mango tree (oh I miss it!).
Jan. 2 - By 8:45am, we were off to Tacloban via the usual Bagacay route minus the road slip and landslide. In 3 hours, we reached our destination. By 6:10pm on the dot, PAL flew us to Manila.
We were back to 'reality' by 8pm! I can only praise God for the treat.