Monday, March 12, 2007

A Marathon in December

breaking from what appears to be a blog hiatus last month, here is a rather late entry of what i was up to in december. yes, i marathoned a 30-page album in time for my aunt's visit in january.

the pictures means a lot to my aunt - - - during her 3 sons' toddler years, she had them enrolled in music & thereafter formed a band (golden chain - - they were popular in b.c. during the 80's). i had to make sure the album chronicles the band's events (oh, i had a hard time guessing which comes first 'coz my aunt didn't put notes in most of the pictures).

so that explains the lack of journaling (for which reason, i encouraged my aunt to put the journaling herself).

my consolation: she was so happy when she saw the final product. thanks God she's not hard to please. it must be the 'love' i put into the layouts that she saw.

{i beg for indulgence as i have yet to do some marathon learning on how to stitch while scanning; meanwhile, i've to rely on my dependable digicam}