Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Survived Round 2!

i had been meaning to stop posting about the weekly rounds of the scrappin' moms idol contest and just wait when i'll be finally able to post my entries (in the event i'm booted out or after the finals - - whichever comes first, haha!), but i just can't. you see, i made it to round 3.

i'm just overwhelmed considering that i had a hard time with the round 2 'only one color' challenge.

now, i'm on to the alter challenge. so help me God.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Idol in the House & Moving to Round 2!

i got the biggest surprise of my life when i opened my mail during the wee hours of wednesday, aug. 15 to see that there's a comment for moderation on my blog. lo & behold....it came from tiffany!!!!! yes, THE tiffany tillman whose work i lifted for the elimination round of scrappinmoms' idol contest.

immediately, i sent her a message to return her sweet gesture. i just had to tell her that i'm deeply honored for her 'visit', & if only for her comment, i'm already a winner.

the 'high' must have lifted me to finish my round 1 stock on cardstock entry to beat the deadline, again.

i belatedly learned on friday afternoon that i moved to round 2 - - - which makes me on top 27! God is sooo goood.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm on Top 30!

not the world's richest though.

but a more rewarding feat - - - you can visit http://www.scrappinmoms.net/scrappinmomsidol/ . the rest of the story is there.

i really didn't plan to join the challenge, but something told me why not? and so, close to midnight before the elimination round deadline, with the 'scraplift your idol' challenge and tiffany tillman ( http://simplytiffany.squarespace.com/ ) in mind, i scoured through my pictures but didn't find among my file that would suit this tifffany's layout entitled shonuff.

exasperated, my eyes chanced upon a picture frame atop our sturdy baul. yes, i got it! i had a picture to scrap at last. to cut the long story short, with the above inspiration, i finished my layout like a breeze, at 2am, deadline day.

2 days later, i learned that my tiffany-inspired layout got me to top 30. i was plainly stunned. thankful. blessed.

as i'm writing this, i have less than 48 hours to create my round 1 'stuck on cardstock' entry. believe me i'm running nuts. but it's fun. i'm keeping in mind that i'm already a winner for making it to the elimination round. and even if i did not, i think i'd still feel the same. because it's no joke to compete with the great scrappers around. to have landed in the top 30 is a bonus. if i'd move further, it will be A BONUS.

note: following contest rules, we are prohibited from posting our layouts anywhere else during the contest period while the contestant is still in the running. so you'll have to search through the scrappinmoms gallery to check all the awesome works of my fellow scrappers.