Wednesday, May 23, 2007

To: My Man

...who is a year older today.
your birthday always reminds me of how lucky i am to have you - - -
despite my tantrums, moodswings, shopping binges,
and lots of imperfections, you continue to love, love,
and love me even more.
thank you dear. like i often say, i shall forever be behind you.
may you always be blessed. haPpy bIrtHdaY!
~ your sweety
{disclaimer: i still have to hear husband call me this,
though in his mobile, he refers to me as his sweety :> }

Monday, May 07, 2007

Merry Month of May

another leaf has been turned yesterday. yah, i'm a year older.
hubby & i, w/ my sister in tow heard mass at shrine of jesus & shared dinner at superbowl of china. of course, their crispy noodles had to be served for 'long life'. quiet celebration huh. and while i was changing into my night wear (yah, i do <"sigh">) & hubby was staring (yah, he still do), he said something to the effect that he has an "old", sexy wife now. hmmmp kapal. of course i didn't like the old part, to think that we are of the same age. in 16 days, i'll have the chance to tell him that i like my older husband more.
in 2 days, husband & i will be flying to samar again, this time, to exercise our right to suffrage, & to help our aunt win, ehem, again. and since the activity will tire us to the hilt, we opted to stay for 4 days more after may 14, and will fly back on may 19 in time for the scrapfest at makati parks & gardens {pray heavens that PAL will be on time}. and oh, my overseas sister is arriving home this month while another sister is leaving. it's really a mix-full of emotions. truly a merry month!