Thursday, June 21, 2007

Missing My Sister

...but happy she finally set foot in b.c.

here she is beside the 2010 winter olympics teaser

funny, i used to sing her to sleep when she was a baby. in retrospect, i realized that what i used to do was to carry her and swing my arms vigorously so that she'd get dizzy and...yes, sleep. now, we'd burst into laughter whenever i'd remind her of this ploy.

ours is a typical sister relationship - - - me the over protective and she the pasaway.

oh i'm happy of the many opportunities that lies ahead.

my ever sociable sister: barely 2 weeks,
she already attended the phil. day celebration,
and proud to be a true-blooded waray

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's Cooking?

the summer season is almost over and i still have loads of memories to put unto thee, my blog.

i'm lazy. no, i'm afraid to upload pictures meanwhile that pc at home is not yet dsl-connected. which makes me wonder: does it really take ages for pldt &/or its contractor (pldt's lame excuse) to do the job? oh well, seems like.


and what's cooking, huh?

a new baby, er a baby gadget is arriving in 30 days! run forex run. and quick please.

this i don't want to wait for ages.