Monday, January 29, 2007

A Toothache, a Wedding and a Traffic Jam

i have forgotten to say HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! may this year and beyond bring us all good tidings.

side note: i had a rich helping of fetuccini & baked macaroni for new year's eve with the hope {coupled w/ prayers} that the year will bring good things. for a pasta maniac like me, a taste of it makes my day. really. so that explains why i had both, to the amusement of dear hubby. as our abode is strategically fronting magallanes, the fort on rear left & paranaque on the right, we had a blast of the pyrothechnics these places could muster. happy new year indeed.


on the 5th of this month, husband & i were invited by our 'partners in crime' C & L to a dinner at dencio's harbour view. it turned out to be the 1st day of the 2nd world pyrotechnics show held at the manila bay. sadly, our location wasn't the place to be for that purpose. but our company was more than enough to see us through the night. it took us around 2 hours to get out of macapagal avenue when the show was over. arrgh!

forward to jan. 12, i finally had to have 2 molars extracted. the inconvenience was too much that i had to do it w/o husband beside me. gladly, dra. E was such an angel. i shed a tear because of fear. the morbid thing, you know. i should have not. it wasn't even that painful.

i was up & about 1 hour after the procedure, that i even managed to join hubby at taste asia where he treated his 3 highschool classmates to dinner, w/ the 2nd day of the pyrotechnics show for a background. my meal? a glass of crushed ice. it was supposed to be a chowking halo-halo, but the dippings & ice cream fell on the floor seconds before i could dive on it. another arrgh!

the next day, hubby & i were constrained to accompany 2 of my cousins who came all the way from tacloban to attend their cousin's wedidng. i said constrained for 2 reasons: hubby had to drive & they let us sit-in for the slot of their absentee parents. at the back of my mind something was saying 'the groom will not mind seeing you'. oh how i i hope we weren't labeled as gate-crashers [side kwento: being my first time to get inside mary the queen church, i prayed a wish w/c i'll keep secret *wink*]. that also explains why i wasn't able to attend mg abuzman's class that day. another arrgh!

our way from the wack-wack reception saw us in the middle of a non-moving edsa. yes, it was the final pyrotechnics night. fearing that we might be stucked overnight in edsa, my ever clever husband turned right on estrella, unto rockwell & the very heart of makati that i didn't notice we were right in front of our house, while edsa was kept still. wow! i'm such a proud asawa! while were were at home, we realized that our laundry area had a good view of the pyrotechnics show. good things are really at home, man! so that's a clap-clap to outdo the many arrghs! again, happy new year!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Spirit

before i greet everyone a prosperous new year, let me say that as in any home, the christmas spirit starts to beckon the moment decors trim every space there is.

husband & i pulled out our 8 feet tree in the first week of november 2006. we retained our 2005 stuffed toy theme (because christmas is for kids) and just made one big bow. shortly before december, i thought of adding stuffed pink hearts since christmas is about love after all.

the gifts that sorround our tree are for our nephews, nieces and god children. they are just too many that i lost count.

we will continue to have our stuffed toy theme in the hope that in the next christmases, there'd be a mini-me or a mini-hubby to play around our tree. come to think of it, aside from christmas being for kids and love, it also spells hope, right?