Friday, July 21, 2006

Gay Gays

finally, i got to see carson, kyan, thom, ted & jai in the flesh! yes pipol, the fabulous queer eyes are in manila.

the encounter happened last night in greenbelt. but oh, i wasn't among the "privileged" to have "my own seat". but i managed to have a brief, close encouter w/ carson & kyan when they crossed to nuvo (restaurant), for sure to have a pee. eh, i was at the nuvo door, kaya ayun, i grabbed talaga carson's shoulders. and when kyan came out of nuvo, i was like 12 inches apart from him that i was floored w/ his charm. instead of shouting his name, i blurted "thom!!!" *ha ha ha*

while i was going gaga over these nakakatuwang gays, husband was busy taking their pictures for me. yes, that's how supportive he can get. only that, he never got a good shot. my sister who's physically small (sorry inky) wasn't able to get near them. but we had fun. and i can say that just as how they project in queer eye, the fab 5 are happy & gay. i just love them no less!


husband treated us to a trio-flavored ice cream when we got home. i think he's fast learning from jai, the culture vulture. or maybe ted, the food & wine connoisseur. it was such a sweet way to cap the night that i forgot my coffee binge (oops, that should be on a separate entry) .