Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Too Many Things To Write, Too Lil' Time to Blog

it has been one whole month since my last entry. i sure have been busy. sorry blog. but these were the reasons for my absence:

ONE. my parents from the province stayed w/ hubby & i for 2 weeks. it meant being out of home most of the time after work & on weekends for their general medical check-up, shopping, shopping & shopping. the great accomplishment of the visit, second to medical concerns, was to have been able to have our family picture.

we used to have us pictured decently on christmas days & new year's days. so i grew up seeing us change (improve & otherwise) in our yearly pix, the latest being in 1999. distance primarily contributed to our failure to continue our christmas tradition. good thing, in oct 2001 during my wedding & the april 2005 wedding of my sister, we were all gathered to pose for posterity.

as is still now, we are physically distant. but thanks to digital thingies & photoshop! we worry distance no more. i just hope blogger will cooperate so i'll be able to successfully upload our pix once the magic of adobe & photoshop takes its course.

TWO. i'm rushing paper works & what-have-yous for an event in october. no, not for our 5th wedding anniv. teka....i wonder what's in store for me. i hope husband gets to read this.

enough said.