Wednesday, May 24, 2006


isn't it amazing that these glass coasters i got at landmark at a really cheap, cheap price look like my blogskin? simple things...simple joys...

Monday, May 22, 2006

To Dance or Not to Dance

to obando (bulacan), that is.

early morning friday (may 19) saw us rushing to obando. by us, i refer to husband & me. for those born just today, obando is known for the fertility dance in celebration of the feast of sta. clara. myth has it that those who have difficulties conceiving may ask for the intercession of sta. clara so that they may be blessed w/ a child.
about 2 years ago (during our 3rd yr of marriage & no child yet), husband & i would joke about going to obando. but we remember about it past the month of may, when the annual festivities is held. so when husband reminded me on thursday that the next day will be obando's last day of the 3-day celebration, i was more than ecstatic. honestly, i was happy becuase he was as interested as i am. who would think of a he-man like my husband wanting to join the fertility dance?

amidst a throng of people, we joined the procession to the beat of a dancy tune. i learned that even those whose 'wishes' have been granted still join the fertility dance as their way of acknowledging sta. clara's 'help'. odd but true, a lady who was manning the restaurant we ate in, guessed correctly that we were there for the dance. the way she told us that believeing in sta. clara's intercession is just a matter of faith trailed my ears even as we were leaving obando.

from obando, we proceeded to glorietta to watch da vinci code. tom cruise's character, robert langdon said something like "in the end, what matters is what you believe in". yah, correct. just as what the restaurant lady said.

will we dance in obando again next time? yes. because it's just a matter of faith.

Monday, May 08, 2006

35 na!

yes, i hit trenta y cinco.

when i reached home from the office on friday, may 5, i immediately told husband about our friend dundee's text asking if i have many visitors the next day. i wondered: visitors? that led to my pleasant discovery that husband already texted our 'close-in' friends for a b-day party. honestly, i just wished to watch MI3 on the big screen and eat out after.

it was sweet for husband to concoct the surprise-that-never-was. you see, he better tell me early, otherwise, we'd have no plate, spoon & fork to use. our spare china & silver are neatly kept that he will not be able to locate. he also made sure that a tacloban lechon be sent by mano alex & rented extra tables & chairs, considering that we only have 6 dining chairs & a 4-seater sofa.

despite the impromtu-ness of the event (at least on my part), it was a happy one. i got to share wine with my sisters dodit & baby, & my girlfriends liza & bingklay. and oh, husband got to bond with his boyfriends, too.

husband & i hit the sack in the morning of may 7, tired & sleepy. but who cares. we had a great time. 35? yes, i'm 35. it means i'm already classified a high-risk if and when i get pregnant. that sounds scary. but reaching this age is an achievement in itself. i am married to the 'right' man for 4 1/2 years; we live in a pretty decent dwelling in urban makati & able to pay rent; we are employed, albeit not that 'gainfully'. we don't have a child yet. maybe soon. we hope soon.

God must have his way of saying that we can't have it all in one setting. yet still, we have to be thankful. and i am.