Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanking God For Your Birthdays

i thank God for keeping you both healthy.
i thank God that we are still able to share each other's joys.
i thank God that my young nephews are able to experience spoiling privileges from you.
i thank God for your birthdays.

[my parents' birthdays are just one week apart. nanay is one year older but her looks doesn't show it. both are enjoying retirement, tending to a beach fronting the pacific ocean ]

Monday, October 02, 2006

Foodie Family

i basically grew up in a family who loves food. i also learned that my paternal grandparents' house is known for it's 'always cooking kitchen'. so that explains why my father is an expert cook. by coincidence, i married a man who both loves to eat and cook. so that explains why i don't cook. simply put: my father cooks, my husband cooks = one spoiled housewife.

but no, i am not about to narrate the chronicles of my being a spoiled housewife. i wanted to say that even during the wake and burial of an aunt, husband's family just had to have a full meal, er, a full blast. and because our departed aunt loves feeding her kin, our acts were kind of justified. after that almost eat-all-you-can feast, i tagged along w/ husband and his manila-based siblings to dinner at a paluto resto in macapagal avenue. cafe latte and crepes at cafe breton sealed the day. whew!

after the burial, came the devastating typhoon. as majority in the metro experienced, my tiny household composed of husband and i, was power-less for 8 damning days. and for that duration, we always had dinner outside. so, milenyo not only wrecked the giant billboards sorrounding our tiny home in edsa, it also crashed hubby's wallet.

the night before the big typhoon, we had dinner w/ cousin jeff a. at the museum cafe in greenbelt, where i gulfed their spicy siam noodles and sweet, sinful tiramisu. i should have taken it as a sign of the days to come. just a food for thought. food, still.