Thursday, October 27, 2005

Attaining a Secret Wish

God really answers prayers, even secret wishes (yes, even those that you just keep to yourself!).
Last Sunday, Oct. 23 while Nanay Luz (my mother-in-law) was preparing to attend the mass and procession for the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in Oras, she handed to me a small white thing, which I thought was a paper - - - a pasalubong from Dada, our auntie-nun who just got from Rome. I couldn't contain my happiness 'coz it's the rosary beads that I have been longing for!!! Wow, nice na the silver packaging, smells like roses pa.
Back in Manila, I texted Dada:
me: good afternoon. i received the rosary beads i longed 4. i couldn't thank u enough Dada.
salamat talaga. i'm blessed!
dada: ok. iyon lang naman kaya kong bilhin. i am glad u lyk it.
It's a reassuring feeling that it was given to me on such perfect timing. Believe me, it's my treasured possession.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

October - The Rosary Month

I love Octobers! I really don't know why....ok, maybe it's because Tatay's bday is in Oct. 3, my first ever nephew, Anjo's bday falls on Oct. 14; October also means going home to Oras for the fiesta, and yes, it now means looking forward to celebrating our wedding annivesary!
I also grew up in a family which prays the rosary as the clock ticks 6pm, even before the adage that "the family that prays together, stays together" became a by-word. And so when my bf then, suggested that we marry in October because it's one perfect month to gather our families, I thought the better reason would be because it's the rosary month, and the rosary means perpetual grace. I am also used to being secured with my rosary beads in handy & putting it beneath my pillow when I sleep. When my mother-in-law gave me luminous rosary beads as her wedding gift, I was ecstatic not only because I think of it as lucky to receive one (rather than buy one for yourself), but also because I feel special since that was also just given to her by her sister-nun. Unfortunately though, I lost it & haven't received a replacement yet *sigh*.
In Fr. Jerry Orbos' column, he wrote about praying the rosary in this context "A folly maybe to some, but the lowly rosary is very powerful. Never understimate the power of the prayer. Pray on. Pray without ceasing. Pray desperately". And since it's the rosary month, our office was 'home' to a statue of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary yesterday. Our makeshift altar was adorned with flowers taken from the hospital garden & I made a little artsy thing to serve as backdrop. I think hubby would have done a really better version, but hey, I'm sure Mama Mary wouldn't mind. Don't you think?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tatay is a certified senior citizen!

Last Monday, Oct. 3, the person who fed me, clothe me, sent me to school, loves me unconditionally & continues to support me when the 'need arises' - - -my father, turned 60! To celebrate this milestone, our immedite family members in Manila [minus Joni & Baby Bach who had to stay home 'coz Bach has rashes] had an eat-all-you-can dinner at Kamay Kainan in West Avenue. Absentees were Baby & Jerome, my nephew Anjo who are all in Oras, & Jingle who's in Doha.
We all had a feast, what with KK's 60 dishes. I don't really go for oyster but when Misa soaked oysters in vinegar, I ate at least 3! Because I truly love veggies cooked in coconut milk, I had multiple serving of laing *burp burp*. Despite our appetite however, we all agreed that Tatay has better versions of KK's dishes. Tatay wanted to cook for his bday dinner (as he always do), but we figured that for his bday it was but appropriate to spoil him.
As his present, Chinky & I bought a red polo shirt in Robinsons Ermita & had it wrapped in red too. Misa gave him a Bartlet brandy & patiently looked for a buri bag to go w/ the brandy (I guess, my husband is really sweet).
The next day, the celebration continued in Kamias, this time with our relatives. Highlight was an 'all boaut Tatay' trivia game participated by my 2 nephews. It was a tie :)
I can only thank God for Tatay & look forward to many birthdays ahead!