Friday, April 07, 2006

I won! I won!

whenever husband & i ride cebu pacific, we get giddy during the on-board games. i see to it that my stuff are ready for the picking once the steward/stewardess shouts "bring me...!" and we also intently listen to every word they say even before the games start. you see, questions may be based on just anything. and there are only 3 slim chances.

in an october 2005 flight to tacloban, the passengers were asked to identify at least 3 ctities w/c cebu pacific flies w/ airbus 320 (fyi: A320 has just been introduced that time). that info was part of the stewardess' intro when the flight started. i eagerly raised my hand w/ nothing in mind. i heard myself shouting "davao, cebu & tacloban". of course it was just a guess. that good guess earned me a small-sized cebu pacific shirt. not bad.

on march 25 this year, still on a flight to tacloban, the passengers were asked the no. of exit points on the airbus 300 we were riding. husband whispered to me "8" & even said that airbus 320 has 11 exits (see how attentive he can be for a prize). but of course i didn't raise my hand because i wanted him to speak out. so we missed question #1. then another question: name of one of the 2 captains. i told husband to answer capt. sevilla. he did not answer, maybe because he was still annoyed at me for not heeding his call on the 1st question. i was also unsure so i did not answer & we missed the shirt. the last question came: to name at least 4 colors that starts w/ the letter P. we were told 'pula' & 'puschia' are not among the correct answers. but of course!

mel tiangco (yes, the kapuso) who was seated in front of us, answered pink, purple & peach. failing to give the 4th color, i raised my hand with pride & shouted "periwinkle!" & recited the other 3 colors. i was declared winner & immediately got another small-sized cebu pacific shirt. husband asked me how i knew. heavens! i reminded him periwinkle was our wedding motif. how can i ever forget. and why did he ever forget.

those small, happy winnings reminds me that it does not harm to try after all. i'm sure husband & i will always try to win a shirt, even if we don't get to wear them. and i hope he does not forget our wedding motif. for what? just for the heck of it.