Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Complication Just Got Sweeter

it all started over breakfast on easter sunday of 2008. dh summoned me to utilize the pregnancy test kit he bought while i was asleep. i went frantic with a why and a hearty laugh. he made me understand that he'd ben noticing nuances, enough to make him suspect that we're infanticipating. i hesitated at first, lest i be disappointed again, for the nth time.

i ask what the nuances were. the list went like: being a worst case of a sleepy head, getting lazier, practicing gluttony that i gulped in one sitting a good-for-four-bowl full of sinigang in kalye juan. and the wost in the enumeration? i don't color pink my lips anymore!

next scene you see me shouting at dh 'coz my head went blank and i couldn't figure out what the two lines meant. even before he could answer, dh literally and figuratively jumped with glee. i digress. i cried. we could be infanticipating.

first sign of life

the following day, the transvi-ultrasound has this impression: single live uterine pregnancy, 6 4/7 weeks by mean sac diameter, 6 6/7 weeks by crown rump length. dh didn't believe at first, prompting the doctor to increase the volume so he could hear the heartbeat loud and clear. what a sweet sound. now it's safe to say we are indeed infanticipating. dh sent sms to almost everyone in his phone's contacts to announce the good news . minutes later, we were bombarded with congratulatory messages.

when we counted back 6 weeks and 4 days, it fell on february 6, ash wednesday, the day we heard mass officiated by fr. joey faller, the healing priest. coincidentally, on maundy thursday, dh and i with his sister and brother in law, went to fr. joey's kamay ni hesus in quezon province. unknown to us then that we were pregnant, we climbed the 500+ steps to get near the statue of the risen christ. we must haven been blessed. greatly blessed.

considerng that we had difficulty conceiving (not minding my age *lol*), i asked that i be allowed to take a leave from work on our 6th month until dear baby comes out. request granted. the next 3 months-in-waiting went like a breeze.

on our 7th month, we learned tht we were having a girl and she's in perfect condition! dh had his hair zapped that day. it was his way of expressing how happy he was. not that he didn't like a boy. he just prefer a girl for a first baby. so that meant we're having a 2nd, a 3rd and so forth? only heaven knows.

at my best

while she was still inside me, we made sure she only hear the sweetest of music and her storybook. i could feel her move whenever we play her songs and we read her her story of a baby who grew up to be a man but remained a baby to her mother. i knew in m heart of hearts that she's happy with what she hears.

and oh, i felt so, so loved by dh. not that he didn't love me the past 7 years of trying to succesfully conceive. it's just that he gave in to all my whims during our pregnancy. maybe, it's safer to say this: i felt so, so spoiled by dh *lol*.


Lee i. said...

oh, congratulations. so that is why your blog hasn't been updated for quite awhile. and what a sweet story - si hubby pa nagduda na preggy ka. he must love you so much to notice those little things about you. lukcy you. "-)

FRANCIS said...

Greetings DARLN,
PEACE BE WITH YOU. Just about an hour ago ran across your blog.
I would like to put yours at FR. JOEYS website under "BLOG," which I actually started awhile ago,
but cann't seem to find time- to finished it, anyway, with your permission, I would like to post- yours,
I do need a few things from you like your first & last name and preferably your middle also. Maraming salamat for
taking the time to read this. GOD BLESS

darln said...

hi francis!

i hope you recieved the private message i sent you. if not, pls let me know.